You can see your Kindle Fire connecting to the wireless network, but no access to the internet. Don't panic ! This is a very common issue with your Kindle Fire. The functioning of the Kindle device depends entirely on the Internet, which is why it requires a wireless connection. If you are facing your Kindle Fire connected to WiFi, but no Internet issue, Simply dial our Kindle Fire Customer Care Number to get the desired help. Also read this guide carefully, as we share the simple guidelines that will help you to fix this WiFi problem at your end. WiFi is the preferred wireless connection choice to access the Internet for all. It is easy, not metered, and it is enabled by almost all modern devices. Regrettably, there's no working internet connection often when you connect to the WiFi Hotspot.

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Diagnosis of The Kindle Fire not Accessing the Internet Even After Connecting to the Wifi

Check Your Router

There are two places to look at, like any networking problem: a networking equipment (router) and a device. Try to connect to another device at the same WiFi hotspot and see whether it works.

Problems on the router includes, outdated equipment, software for buggies or existing cellular networks, internet connection difficulties related to the router – broken or not linked, too many people using the same WLAN connections – usually for public WLAN networks and hotspots are located in places which offer the signal intensity spotty.

You may do the following to address these future router problems:

  • Restart your router: The FBI has recently recommended it. Reinitializing your ISP link can help you access the Internet via WiFi.
  • Update the software on your router.
  • Test the WAN internet cable that links to the router: It might be broken or not connected properly.
  • Look for another Wi-Fi hotspot to link to: if necessary, you might want to switch a little.
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Check Your Kindle Device

Are the other devices attached to the same Wi-Fi hotspot and the internet working? This ensures that your computer may be related:

  • Limited internet sessions for public WiFi networks – you may lose connectivity until you authenticate again when the session expires.
  • Getting spotty signal strength from remote WiFi hotspots.
  • Your device connects to (other) public , non functional WiFi hotspots.

Tips to Fix the Issue of Kindle Fire Connected to Wifi but No Internet

Restore your Kindle or Reset It

Kindle reset will even help you repair firewall links to wireless Web but no mobile issues. Then, follow the guidance and reset your device:

  • Hold down the Power button for 40 seconds on your device, or to restart your Kindle device.
  • You have the opportunity to restart your Kindle device once and when the device is reset, you can press the power button to switch the device on.

Turn off The Airplane Mode on Your Device

One of the Kindle's most common errors from its userside is that they turn on the airplane mode and sometimes a fire does not connect with the Wi-Fi. Check and ensure that your Kindle device has airplane mode turned off.

Use Correct Wifi Password

Another explanation why your kindle computer can not link to the Wi-Fi network may be the wrong wifi password. Scan to confirm that the Kindle app is linked to the wireless network by the right wireless network password. This can help you avoid such stupid errors.

Hopefully you can fix the Kindle fire unable to access the wireless Internet, using these simple troubleshooting guidelines. If you can not solve the issue yet, we suggest you to contact the experts of Kindle and request their assistance in solving the dilemma.