Why Is My Kindle Not Charging And How To Fix It

There are so many this and that which causes a lot of Kindle related issues. One of the most important issues encountered by Kindle users is Kindle not charging. It is a very difficult and pity situation for those who have purchased this amazing device to enjoy the endless experience of E-book reading. But without charge or with a dead battery a Kindle is nothing more than just a showpiece. It doesn’t matter how many features it holds but you can’t access a single one in the absence of enough power required to keep it on and running well.


Normally, when a person knows his Kindle Fire is in a low battery or in a switch-off state, he searches his charger first and tries to do it ON by connecting to the power supply for recharging the battery. But if your battery denies to recharge itself, or charge very slowly or even drains too fast, you should start focusing on finding the Kindle troubleshooting guide for the issue “why is my Kindle not charging”? 


Here is a list of the most common Kindle charging issues, their reasons, and solutions. If you are suspecting any of these with your Kindle Fire, make sure to fix it properly before the issues turn in some irreversible damages or losses.


How To Fix Kindle Not Charging

1. Check For The Hardware Issues First

  • Charging Cable and Adapter

Check both charging cable and adapter both are in good condition or not. Find, if the connectivity of the USB with the USB port on your adapter is loose? If yes then press it but it is better to replace the cable. If the USB outlet is loose or shaking, then change the adapter.

  • Charging Power Outlet and Switch

Sometimes your Kindle and charger both are fine and in good condition, still, you might have to face some trouble regarding the battery charging of your device. It can be due to some error with the charging power outlet and the switch, there might be some loose connectivity of wires, some broken connections or some damaged switches. Contact your technician and make sure to fix it as soon as possible as it can ruin your device.

  • Charging Port on Your Device

If the charging port on your device is shaking, bent or broken make sure to fix it. Rather than being the self engineer, you should take help from an expert technician or contact to the Amazon Kindle Help support for any replacement and repair.

  • Damaged or Puffed Battery

If your Kindle battery is broken or it has swollen due to some issues, make sure to replace it for resolving Kindle Fire not charging issue.

2. Check For Software Issues For Kindle Charging

  • Kindle Stuck on Empty Battery Screen

During charging if your Kindle stuck with a blank charging screen or an empty battery screen, you can plug out the charger and replug it in or off the power switch and again turn it on. If the condition is still the same, restart your device by long-pressing the power button on the Kindle.

  • Too Low Battery

Using the Kindle more frequently or sometimes very least, without charging, leads the battery to its deep downstate or too low state to turn on. You should long-press the power button for about 30 seconds and then left the device in charging mode for a few hours. After some time you will notice that the Kindle battery is continuing with the charging process.

  • Kindle Battery is Dead

Sometimes when a Kindle is not being used for so many days the battery completely goes out of charge and almost dead. Now when you try to turn it on. It will not even after connecting with the charger and the power source. It takes some minutes to wake your battery up and preparing for the storage of the charge. In this situation, leave the battery in off state and start charging. Don’t turn on the device until it gets fully charged. After some hours turn on the Kindle and you will find it is fully charged and doing well.

  • Restore the Kindle for Factory Settings

If everything is fine with your Kindle and there are no such issues as described above but you are unable to fail in charging you Kindle, restore it to the factory setting. Restoring the device will delete all the apps and software updates you have made before. Hence those incompatibilities will also get deleted which are creating errors and blocking the charger to establish a connection with battery while charging a Kindle device.


Above are the most reliable and trusted tricks, everyone can adopt to fix kindle is not charging issue. Some users claim that adjusting the brightness or volume button also helps to fix this issue. Since it is not a valid method but you can try once if nothing works. Hopefully, by adopting the above methods, your Kindle issue will be solved in an intuitive manner and you will enjoy the proliferation of various interesting books without any disturbances.

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