Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle Not Working Troubleshooting Guide

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Kindle Troubleshooting Guide

Your Kindle Fire HD might be a fantastic tablet offering a huge scope for exploring an online library having unlimited eBook options. It is possible only when it is working in the right way. Any kind of defect or error can create so much trouble and break the flow of your reading. Error-Free access of the device is the only way that can make your reading experience far better and take it to the next level of learning. To carry on with your reading you must have some basic knowledge regarding the Kindle troubleshooting tips and tricks.


There are so many problems; you might have to confront with your Kindle Fire HD device. Some of them are start-up troubles, Kindle not connecting with your PC, an error message of “ An internal error has occurred “ displays on your Kindle screen, Kindle fails to connect your Wi-Fi, Charging Issues of Kindle Fire HD, typing issues, audio issues while connecting with headphones and speakers, browser not starting, email is not working, etc. The following guide will help you in your Kindle Fire troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting Startup Issues

Kindle not starting or a frozen Kindle screen is one of the most common issues encountered by so many users. When your Kindle is not starting it means the battery of the device is null or the charging level is very low. Hence press the power button and turn the device off. If it is already off, connect the device to the power plug and ON the switch. Leave the device for an hour and then turn it on again. For frozen screen press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to reboot it. Then turn it on back. It will clear all the glitches responsible for a Kindle frozen screen.


Troubleshooting Internal Errors

Kindle Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

First of all, reboot your device. Resolve network connectivity issue by restarting your internet router. Check for the Date & Time settings of your device. If they are wrong, correct them. Clear the application that is unable to load. To do so select More Applications > Installed Applications select the app and press Force Stop > then OK > Clear Data> then OK. Cancel your previous registration with Kindle Fire HD and Re-Register again by following More > My Account > De Register and then Register again by inserting all the required fields again.


Troubleshooting Kindle Fire is Unable to Connect with Your PC

Many users have confirmed this issue while transferring data between their PC and Kindle tablets. It can be due to the wrong configuration of the device. To fix the problem instantly reset the both devices and turn on to connect again. Use another USB port on your laptop to connect the device. If still, the error is the same, use another USB cable. By using some applications like Drop box, you can also transfer the data wirelessly to your computer from the Kindle tablet.


Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues

Check if the Wi-Fi option is on. If not then turn it on. Check whether the Airplane mode of your device is on? If yes then turn it off. Make sure you are inserting the correct password of the Wi-Fi network, you are using. You can also check the rush on a WiFi network by using the Wi-Fi Analyzer App. This will help you to connect with the least busy network. If nothing works then restore your Wi-Fi settings to the factory settings.


Fix Kindle Charging Issues

If you are dealing with no charging or slow charging issues with your Kindle Fire HD, check your charger for damages. If the charger is not broken, then check the charging port on your device.  If it is loose or broken contact Amazon and replace it. To check the functionality of your charger connect it with another device and see the status. Use original charger that has come with your device. Avoid using the device when it is being charged. To maintain its longevity, turn off your Kindle and then charge it.


Fix Audio Issues While Connecting with Headphones or Speakers

If you are not getting the audio while connecting your Kindle tablet with a headphone or speaker, make sure the volume is at the audible level. You can adjust the volume by pressing the volume button placed at the side of your device. You can also adjust it manually by using Settings > Display and Sounds. Connect the functionality of your headphones and speakers by connecting them with other devices. If jiggling your headphone leads produce audio then contact Amazon and ask to replace the Headphones Jacks.


Fix Typing, Browser and Email Issues

To fix the typing issues, wipe the touch screen of your device. If there is an air bubble between the screen guard and the cover of your device try to remove it. If your preinstalled browser is not working, then clear its data by tapping to Settings > then Applications > then Manage all Applications > All Applications > then Silk Browser > then Clear Data. Also, you can use some alternate browsers for continuing your operations.

In this way, you can turn your Kindle not working status to its working state. Make sure to save you all useful data, saved email addresses and passwords at a very safe place before attempting the factory reset of your device. It will help you to retrieve your data when needed later. If you find anything related to hardware damages or replacement of a particular part of your Kindle Fire HD, direct contact Amazon for instant help.

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