What Files Can Kindle Paperwhite Read And How To Setup A New Kindle Paperwhite

Knowing about which format of the files can your Kindle Paperwhite read or supports is equally important to know just as Kindle Paperwhite Setup. The following guide will help you to realize which are the compatible file formats for your Kindle Paperwhite and how to set up Kindle Paperwhite in some easiest steps. Your Kindle Paperwhite is not able to access every file that is on your computer. A file must be in a format compliant with Kindle, such that the device can access it. There are file transfer choices but the following files do not need any modification to be accessible on your Paperwhite. 


The Kind of Files A Kindle Paperwhite Can Read


The following description defines the types of files that are appropriate for Kindle:

AZW: It is the Kindle standard, and most Kindle Store files you download should have an AZW extension. Note that certain files may be numbered after the AZW, such as 1, 2, or 3. 

MOBI: A Mobipocket-developed file format, is commonly used and compliant with the Kindle Paperwhite. Notice that protected Mobipocket or protected MOBI files are not accessible on a Kindle Paperwhite, though. 

PRC: It is similar to MOBI, which is the main file format for content from sites other than Amazon.com for the Kindle series of e-readers.

TXT: It is a basic text file, like one that you might build with the Notepad. 

PDF: Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is a compatible file in your Kindle Paperwhite. Files in such formats are normally accessible by your Kindle Paperwhite, natively — that is, without having to be transformed. Then what you need to do is pass the files to your Kindle Paperwhite and read them. 


If you are using Windows Explorer or Finder on a Laptop, you can see files on your Kindle Paperwhite that have the POBI extension. Intrigued by these? If you have any periodicals on your computer (newspapers or magazines)? If so, they should have an expansion to the POBI. POBI is a variant of MOBI which requires articles which parts to be presented in the periodic text.


How To Setup A New Kindle Paperwhite


Have you just been given a new Kindle Paperwhite? You made a perfect decision — the Paperwhite delivers the greatest mix of usability and value for the time. By using an eReader you can enjoy it a lot. But you’ve come to the right place if you don’t know how to start using your device. All Kindle Paperwhite models come with Wi-Fi; 3 G is an extra option. If you have Wi-Fi-only Kindle Paperwhite, you need to set up Wi-Fi to wirelessly download e-books and videos. If there is no Wi-Fi network insight, you can connect a network later by tapping the x in the top-right corner of the Wi-Fi Networks dialog box and then tap Complete Kindle Paperwhite Setup Step by Step.


Steps To Setup Wifi Connection on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Steps To Setup Wifi Connection on Your Kindle Paperwhite

To customize Wi-Fi, you need to ask if the network is password-protected. Networks at home and in the workplace are typically password secured. Wi-Fi hotspots in public locations, including Starbucks and McDonald’s, are not usually protected with a password. 


Follow these measures to connect a Wi-Fi network to your Kindle Paperwhite: Switch on your Kindle Paperwhite when necessary.

  • Tap Menu of Settings. Switch Wi-Fi Networks from the same device. 
  • If Wi-Fi is not enabled, you may get a notification asking whether it can be switched on. Tap OK. Or, if the Kindle Paperwhite is in Airplane mode (i.e., Wi-Fi is not turned on), you can see a notification asking whether you want to toggle off Airplane mode. 
  • Select which network you want to link to. 
  • You will enter a password if the network you want to link has a lock icon next to its name.
  • If you are in the office connected to a network and do not know the answer, see the device administrator. 
  • By pressing the 123! button on your keyboard you can type numbers and symbols. Tap ABC to switch to regular keys. 
  • When your Kindle Paperwhite is wired to Wi-Fi a wireless symbol shows next to the battery power meter in the upper-right corner of the device. On the Home screen, you see this symbol, and when you view the toolbar when reading an e-book.


In this way, you can easily set up your Kindle Paperwhite. If there is an issue with the above-mentioned steps you can contact our Kindle Support Helpline. Here you will get the full assistance regarding the Kindle Paperwhite Setup.

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