How to remove ads from kindle fire?

Ads are the most annoying thing when we use any device or app. That is why no one likes to have ads on their devices or apps. Because an excessive number of Ads could hamper the tasks & functions you execute on devices & apps. It halts the user’s experience. You can generally find these ads appearing in the notifications, lock screen, etc. These ads are generally played before the Prime videos. At times, they almost ruin your reading experience. However, If you are having too many ads on your Kindle or you don’t want any of them to appear. Then, you can easily disable these ads from kindle fire. Kindle fire also allows you to remove ads on kindle fire. If you don’t know how to remove ads from kindle fire, Then follow the steps specified below.

Steps to remove ads on Kindle fire

If you want to remove ads from kindle fire, Then you will not have to pay for it. You, however, need a Windows computer along Amazon account login details.

  • Go to and sign-in after entering your Amazon account details.
  • On the right side, top click on the ” Your accounts” option.
  • In the dropdown list, click on the “manage your kindle” option.
  • Now, click on the “Manage your devices” option on the left side of the windows to see all devices linked with your Amazon account.
  • Click on the “Kindle fire” device from the list to check its subscription status for ads and special offers.
  • Lastly, you will see an ad removal window having an ad removal message along with the “unsubscribe now with a one-click” option.
  • It will cost you 15 dollars in total to remove ads and special offers from your kindle fire device.

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Remove ads on kindle fire

Disable ads on kindle fire

Ask Amazon To Remove The Ads

If you are not able to disable the ads on your kindle device. Then, you can log in to your Amazon account using its sign-in credentials. Now, go to the main menu located on the left side of the window & select the customer service option to reach out to the customer service department of Amazon. Ask them to disable or remove the ads from your kindle device. They will surely do it for you, as they just take 20-30 seconds to remove ads from your kindle fire device.

We believe that with the above-mentioned steps, you will remove the ads on your kindle device by yourself. In case, if you are unable to do so, then, it is recommended to speak to a customer care executive.

Hence, you can select a chat or Phone option. A vast array of end-users prefer to use the phone call option. The customer care executive will ask you for certain information to ensure if it is your own account. While at times, they might ask you to pay a certain amount, you can ask them to do it free of cost. Its not guaranteed that they will remove the ads without taking any money. But sometimes, they do it for the older accounts.

If you still have any queries about how to disable or remove ads on kindle fire. Then, you can connect to our technical support department. We have experience in offering the best in class technical support services across the United States & Canada. One of the most prominent reasons why a wide array of people love to opt for our services is because we have hired a team of dedicated and professional technical support specialists who are capable of fixing and troubleshooting every kind of Kindle Fire problem within no time.

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disable ads from kindle fire