How To Disable Or Remove Ads On Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has gained high popularity as it allows you to read your favorite book from the comfort of your couch. This device allows you to stream the content from Amazon. In addition to this, you can also play a plethora of games with this product. However, an excessive number of Ads might hamper the user experience of the device. You can find these ads appearing in the notifications, on the lock screen, etc. These ads are generally played before the Prime videos. At times, they become annoying and ruin your reading experience. However, it is possible to disable these ads and enjoy an out of the ordinary learning experience. If you are wondering how to remove ads on kindle fire, go through this write-up:


Using Certain Tools For The Removal Of Ads From The Kindle Fire


It is recognized to be the most elegant technique for the removal of ads at absolutely free of cost. You, however, need a system with Windows OS along with some fiddling. In addition to this, you require enabling the ADB and developer mode on the Kindle.

  • In the first step, you need to install Google Play on the device.
  • Now, you require enabling ADB.
  • After this, you may need to install Google ADB drivers.
  • After enabling Google ADB drivers, you should ensure to download the Amazon Ad Remover Tool of RootJunkie.
  • Again, you require unpacking the ZIP archive.
  • In this specific step, you require running Run Me To Remove Ads.bat
  • Here, you should follow the onscreen instructions
  • After completing all the steps, reboot the system


A plethora of users who wanted to know how to remove ads from kindle fire claimed that running the tool and restarting the device removes the ads successfully. However, if you are still facing any problem after this issue, you can go to the next step.


How To Remove Ads From Kindle Fire

Ask Amazon To Remove The Ads


Before you apply this technique, you should ensure to take a look at whether there is any Special Offers option for your device. If there are no special offers, it is recommended to reach out to the customer service department of Amazon. You can also make use of the support form for connecting to Amazon.


Sign In To Your Amazon Account


  • Go to Devices
  • Select your Fire
  • Navigate to Tell us more

In this particular step, you need to go to Ads as a screensaver which is found under “Special Offers” in the accessory section on the device


After following the above steps, you will find a set of instructions for removing the ads yourself. While you can consider checking it out, it is recommended to speak to a customer care executive. Hence, you can select the chat or Phone option. A vast array of end-users prefers to use the phone call option. The customer care executive is going to ask certain information to ensure that it is your account. While at times, you might find that they will ask you to pay a certain amount, you can ask them to do it free of cost. There is however no guarantee that they will remove the ads without taking any money. But at times, they do it as a courtesy for the older accounts.


Pay To Amazon


At times, people are desperate to remove these ads owing to which they agree to make the one-time payment for removing them. Here are the steps, you should ensure to follow in such a case:

  • Sign in to your Amazon Account
  • Go to Account & Lists menu
  • Now, press on Your Content and Devices
  • Navigate to the Devices tab
  • In this step, you require expanding the Actions menu in the device
  • You will find an option which says Special offers
  • Hit on Edit, present next to the “Special Offers”
  • Now, you will find an option for making payment

You need to make this one-time online payment for the removal of these ads.


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