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How I Can Reset Kindle Password?

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If you want to reset any Kindle e-reader model 6th generation and newer, or Kindle Touch (4th Generation) then you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap the passcode field.
  • Type
  • Then tap OK.

If you want to reset Kindle (5th Generation), or Kindle Keyboard (3rd Generation) then you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Type resetmykindle into the passcode field.
  • Now press the enter key.

You will not be able to reset your Kindle if you have forgotten your Kindle Parental Control set. You need to enter the Parental Control password when prompted, to start the new process. If you have forgotten the Parental Control password then you can enter the default password “111222777″ when prompted. The resetting process will start immediately after entering the password.


You can also perform a factory reset to reset your Kindle, follow the below mentioned instructions to perform the factory reset on your Kindle:

  • Press the Menu button on the Home screen.
  • The select setting from the Menu.
  • Select Menu from the Setting window.
  • Select “Reset to Factory Defaults,” or “Reset Device”.
  • Now you need to select yes in the confirmation window after reading the warning.
  • Wait while your Kindle restarts and restores.

The above-mentioned solutions will help you in resolving the problem but if in case, you are still facing any problem you can contact Kindle Fire Support Executive by dialing 1-877-550-1655.


What Will Happen If You Reset Your Kindle?

When you reset your Kindle account, all your digital content will be erased, but you won’t lose it; all you need to do is re register your Kindle to your Amazon account to get your content back. Reset your Kindle if it is only the last option you have since the process erases everything you have downloaded and installed on the device. Make a note of your password while setting up your Kindle account.

When you will reset your Kindle password, It will remove the following options:

  • It will erase all your personal information that will include:
  • Your lock screen password and parental control
  • Your Amazon account information.
  • Your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Your downloaded content.


How I Can Back Up The Content?

Kindle devices store the content that you purchase from the Kindle store to Amazon Cloud online storage space automatically.  This process enables you to quickly download and restore the content to your Kindle without purchasing the e-book and digital content after resetting your Kindle. This process doesn’t save your personal settings to the Amazon cloud. So if you want to back up your Kindle’s settings before performing the reset, connect your device to the computer to sync the items on the device.  The syncing process will start immediately.

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