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How I Can Fix A Frozen Kindle?

How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire

Resetting your Kindle Fire can help you resolve the issue. A soft reset will fix a frozen Kindle Fire and the small problems. If a soft reset does not solve your issue, you can fix your Kindle Fire by a factory reset. The factory reset will return the Kindle to its default settings.


How I Can Perform Soft Reset?

    Fire Tablets:

  • To perform a soft reset on your Kindle device, hold the power button of your Kindle device for 20 seconds.
  • Now, restart the device.
  • The soft reset will close all the running applications and if a running application is causing screen freeze then soft reset will kill that application.
  • If the device does not power on again after the reset, charge the device for 20-30 minutes and perform the soft reset again.

   Kindle e-readers:

  • Go to Home screen and select Menu, now select Settings, from Settings select Menu and then select Restart.

Make Sure That You Have Latest Software!

  • Make sure that your Kindle device has the latest software version of your device. 
  • Go to and select your device to find the latest software.

If factory reset and updating your software do not work then you can try hardware reset.


How To Reset To Factory Defaults?

If your issue is not resolved even after a soft reset and software update then the only option left is to restore your Kindle to factory defaults. To perform a factory reset, charge your Kindle to 40 percent because it won’t perform a factory reset if the charge is below that 40 percent. Factory reset will delete all the media and content in Kindle so backup your Kindle before performing a factory reset. You can follow the below mentioned steps to perform a factory reset:

  • Click on the Menu icon in the Kindle menu to open Setting screen.
  • Click “Device” to open the Device Setting menu.
  • To start the reset, click on the “Reset to factory default”.
  • In the factory data reset, click on the “Erase everything “
  • The device will now restore to its default settings


Other Solutions That You Can Try To Fix Your Frozen Kindle:

  • If you have a protective case or screen, try removing it and test your Kindle without it.
  • If you have multiple apps open on your Kindle, try killing the unused apps.
  • If your device is on low battery, charge your Kindle for at least 30 minutes and restart the device again.
  • If you are downloading any content on your Kindle then it might respond slowly while downloading or after downloading heavy content.

All the above mentioned solutions will help you to unfreeze your frozen Kindle but if you are still stuck with your frozen Kindle fire, the best solution to solve your issue is to contact Kindle support help. At Kindle customer support there is a team of expert technicians who can help you to solve your critical issues like frozen Kindle. You can get in touch with Kindle customer support phone number by calling us at +1-877-550-1655.

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