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How Can I Read Blogs On Kindle

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How Can I Read Blogs On Kindle

You can subscribe to blogs with your Kindle 2 or Kindle DX. You can read blogs on Kindle Daily Message, Amazon’s own publication that picks articles from popular company publications. With an extra fee. You may also subscribe for a free, and Amazon immediately sends you “feeds” of blogs as they’re modified, with your pick of 1,500 Amazon blogs. Amazon only sells a limited number of blogs for subscribers, and it’s possible that the blog you want to track isn’t available. Fortunately, with your favorite sites, you may set up site feeds yourself. And better still, you ‘re free to do it! If you want live support from an expert Kindle technician, take help from our Kindle Fire Customer Support. The skilled technicians will guide you and provide you with all the possible solutions for it.


How To Read Blogs On Your Kindle


Use Google Reader For Blogs Reading On Kindle


Use Google Reader for Blogs Reading on Kindle


It’s tough to reach Google Reader for feed aggregators. It is safe, simple to use and it is powered by Google, a well-known company that is one of the internet’s most trusted. 


For using Google Reader, you require a Google account that is free of charge and useful, because you will then register with the daily Google mail program. To create an account, go to the homepage of Google, click on Sign up, and obey the measures shown on the following sites.

  • Take these steps when building your account and signing in: 
  • Head to the tab for Google Reader. 
  • In that to happen, you just need your computer and you need to install internet subscriptions. 
  • Tap the Install Subscriptions tab to Get Started. 
  • The Feed Search and Discovery page is listed. 
  • Pick feeds for your blog.
  • You can choose to search your blog (news, sports, workers selection) or type your name in the search box and pick Feeds. You may also search for your blog. 
  • Select Sign up. 
  • You may go back to the Feeds Search and Discover page and attach additional subscription information. 


Return to Kindle and launch Simple Web after you have signed up. Google Reader should be listed on your bookmarks list. (When you link to Google Reader, you see the list of your blog posts, if not you go to


Use Kindle Feeder


It is very easy to use Kindlefeeder, Daniel Choi ‘s free feed aggregator. It’s built especially for the Kindle, as its name suggests. One benefit of the usage of Kindlefeeder is that it will deliver (or push) feeds to your Kindle automatically. You should agree to give it all at 6 a.m. And your early coffee streams are there on time. This happens quickly because feeds from the Kindlefeeder are submitted in a single file (up to 12 free of charge) per day.

By following the above-mentioned tricks you can easily read the blogs on your Kindle device. For any confusion regarding any step contact the most reliable Kindle Support Phone Number.

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